Monday, February 12, 2007

Dojo Json JST Integration with JSPWiki

These technologies were designed for different purposes and with different applications in mind. So integrating different technologies to use them in a single application is a difficult task.

We need the Dojo toolkit for adding good GUI feature to JSPWiki application. There are several features and widgets in this(dojo) toolkit which can made your application in JSPWiki look more profound and will have a very good look and feel. Other toolkits like Rico, ZK almost have the same structure. So these steps can be used in those toolkits also.

This blog gives step by step method to get it going.

  • First of install JSPWiki in your project area. Check in the library that all the relevent jars are in place.

  • When you have installed JSPWiki completely, you can see different directories in the project area. You can see the script directories there. Actually any one knowing JSPWki will understand that all the javascript files are stored there in that directories.

  • The scripts directories will have the pre defined scripts like cssinclude.js,search-highlight.js. Place your scripts template.js,dojo.js in that directory.

  • Copy the whole src folder in that directory of dojo javascripts into scripts folder.

  • Copy the images of the dojo directories in the images folder of the JSPWiki for dojo widjects to work.

  • Still u will not get the desired result. Inside the template directory there is a default folder. In that default folder there is a file called commonheader.jsp. Make the entries of the scripts you have copied to this file by writing the script entry statement.

  • Make sure you have make the entries for each and every script.

  • To check the above procedure go to any wiki page and see its source code. You should be able to see all the js file included that you have made entry into.

  • After that when all the js are shown included you will not have to explicitly include these javascripts in your html files.

  • Remove the inclusion statement from the HTML code.

  • After this you may be able to get the desired logic but you may not be able to get the exact look and feel you had desired. For this You can do any one of the two approaches.

  • Cut the Style portion of ur code in the HTML copy that into the jsswiki.css in the template>default. If you want any browser specific styling you can do those in the different files shown below in the same directory.

  • Still an issue remains. I have not been able to resolve it.You will have to remove the debug option of the dojo. Somehow it is not getting resolved. I will try and post the relevent solution if i get one.